Celebrity Cruises Announces the Grand Prize Winner of the European Cruise Vacation!

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As announced with the partnership of Celebrity Cruises and Diner en Blanc International for the 2015 U.S. Dîner en Blanc Series, Celebrity Cruises had opportunity to reward one of our guests for their creativity, style and elegance in the Art of the Table. Diner en Blanc revelers from all 20 American events were asked to submit a photo of their beautiful table décor. The response was very impressive! Here is a taste of some of the entries...

The 2015 Official Video of Diner en Blanc New York is here!

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For your viewing pleasure! The official video of the 2015 edition of Dîner en Blanc - New York held at Pier 26 in Hudson River Park.     2015 Official Video Diner en Blanc New York  

Celebrity Cruises partners with Le Diner en Blanc 2015 U.S. Series

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Diner en Blanc International is thrilled to announce premium vacation brand Celeb...

Le Dîner en Blanc Premieres in Texas!

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Texas is joining the ever-growing Diner en Blanc family with events scheduled to ...

New Orleans opens the 2015 Dîner en Blanc Season in North America!

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For the 3rd year, Le Dîner en Blanc returns to New Orleans, this Saturday, ...

Most viewed questions

I was invited by a member to attend the last Dîner en Blanc. Will I automatically invited back this year?

2015 will be the last year or each table consists only of a member. From 2016 all persons participating in the White Dinner become Member and possess the same privileges. The status of "guest" member will no longer exist and the two people will be automatically re-invited the following year. For now, the system does not allow us to have two members per table, so you should go back with the same person, be invited by another member or try your luck on the waiting list.

What are the membership and transaction fee for?

Membership and transaction fees are used to cover the inherent costs of training, support and technological services to all the organizers from around the world, to enable them to organize their own event, graciously offered by Diner en Blanc International. These services allow us to preserve the values conveyed by the concept, to sustain the corporate standards by regrouping them within a single network and, to develop these technical tools. The membership offers members a number of online services that will be multiplied in the coming years. Diner en Blanc International is working in updating its platforms - release planned for 2016 - in order for all participants of a Dîner en Blanc event to become members. In addition, this annual fee will allow members to register for as many Dîner en Blanc events in the world as they wish.

Is it possible to organize a Dîner en Blanc in my city?

To join the international family Dîner en Blanc, the team Dîner en Blanc International has established an exclusive tool to facilitate the organization and management of such an event. This key service enables any interested local team to produce Dîner en Blanc in their own city, while connecting to the international network Dîner en Blanc. For further information , write to .

What is the process of being selected to host a Dîner en Blanc event in my city?

Upon receiving your initial application and CV we will schedule a call to clear up any questions you might have before you submit your final team proposal. We generally sign our licensing agreements with 3 qualified individuals, and we are looking to assemble a local host team capable of carrying out this event from start to finish. Once you have an idea of who your co-hosts will be, we will ask that you submit your CVs along with a work breakdown structure. We will then set up a second call to meet your entire team. The final stage is the approval stage. Once Dîner en Blanc International has approved your team we will start you in the process of filling out our confidentiality and licensing agreements.

What is the typical time frame for organizing a Dîner en Blanc event?

Organizing a Dîner en Blanc requires a great deal of commitment and preparation. We generally require a minimum of 4 months to help you organize and execute this event.

Are there any costs associated with becoming an official host of a Dîner en Blanc event?

Dîner en Blanc International does not charge its local hosts to become a part of the network, nor does it charge for the rights to a city’s event. Local hosts must understand however that by undertaking this project they are accepting the responsibility associated with hosting a large-scale event and committing to respect certain guidelines and specifications that help preserve the spirit and the values of DEB.

What is the typical cost to attend this event?

In order to cover the costs of a typical Dîner en Blanc event a guest will pay an average of $30 US to the local organization. When registering, an annual fee is charged directly to all guests that participate in your event which allows them the privilege of becoming a member of the Dîner en Blanc International network. They will automatically be re-invited to your event every year and soon, have access to priority registration for any event around the world. This fee is 8.00$ US per person for 2015 and goes to support the maintenance of Dîner en Blanc International’s network.

I see that the majority of DEB events take place during the North American summer months, is this mandatory?

A Dîner en Blanc event can take place at any point during the year, depending on the climate of the host city. As this is a rain or shine event, hosts are asked to consider the season with the lowest levels of precipitation for their event.
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