Diner en Blanc International is looking for a new Senior Event Manager

Posted by Chantal Blanchard on April 10, 2015 | 0 comment

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Diner en Blanc International is looking for a new Senior Event Manager.   For Immediate Hire SALARY: 40-43K$ annual Responsibilities Create and monitor event city webpage Monitor ongoing projects according to Dîner en Blanc guidelines Set and enforce timelines and deliverables of each event Communications: Follow up/Monitor/Coach city hosts on organizing a Dîner en Blanc event and execute post mortem event Trai...

Another 2015 First for Le Dîner en Blanc! This time: San José, Costa Rica

Posted by Chantal Blanchard on March 19, 2015 | 0 comment

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San José welcomes its first ever Dîner en Blanc on Saturday March 21st.  And good news! The event is sold out.  Hosts, Iliana Valázquez, Elsa Goicoechea and Laura Miranda, are now working hard at putting the final touches to the event so that everything is flawless when the elegantly all-dressed-in-white guests arrive at the hush-hush location. Follow Diner en Blanc – San José on   Diner En Blan...

Dîner en Blanc International Looking for Local New Hosts in Barcelona, Boston, Canberra, London and San Francisco.

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Le Dîner en Blanc International is currently looking for groups of 3 organi...

Two Dîner en Blanc in 2 new cities on 2 continents Happening on Saturday, March 7th, 2015!

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Posted by Chantal Blanchard on February 11, 2015 | 0 comment

Melbourne, Australia At the end of last year, Melbourne received a fantastic an...

Less than a month to go before the first Dîner en Blanc of the year!

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News-in-Brief Less than a month to go before the first Dîner en Blanc of ...

Most viewed questions

Can I organise a Dîner en Blanc in my city?

Faced with numerous requests to organize Dîner en Blanc™ in various cities of the world, the Dîner en Blanc International team has set up an exclusive service that supports organizers worldwide in the creation and management of such an event. We offer turnkey services that allow an interested party to create a Dîner en Blanc event in their own city and associate it to the worldwide community. Dîner en Blanc International started offering this service in 2012 in 18 cities around the world. In 2013 we welcomed an additional 20 cities worldwide into the Dîner en Blanc family. If you wish to become the newest addition to our network please make sure that you have reviewed these FAQs thoroughly and verified that there is not already an existing event in your city. Once you have a clearer understanding, please don't hesitate to apply by clicking on "Organize an Event" at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to assist you!

What is the process of being selected to host a Dîner en Blanc event in my city?

Upon receiving your initial application and CV we will schedule a call to clear up any questions you might have before you submit your final team proposal. We generally sign our licensing agreements with 3 qualified individuals, and we are looking to assemble a local host team capable of carrying out this event from start to finish. Once you have an idea of who your co-hosts will be, we will ask that you submit your CVs along with a work breakdown structure. We will then set up a second call to meet your entire team. The final stage is the approval stage. Once Dîner en Blanc International has approved your team we will start you in the process of filling out our confidentiality and licensing agreements.

What is the typical time frame for organizing a Dîner en Blanc event?

Organizing a Dîner en Blanc requires a great deal of commitment and preparation. We generally require a minimum of 4 months to help you organize and execute this event.

Are there any costs associated with becoming an official host of a Dîner en Blanc event?

Dîner en Blanc International does not charge its local hosts to become a part of the network, nor does it charge for the rights to a city’s event. Local hosts must understand however that by undertaking this project they are accepting the responsibility associated with hosting a large-scale event and committing to respect certain guidelines and specifications that help preserve the spirit and the values of DEB.

What is the typical cost to attend this event?

In order to cover the costs of a typical Dîner en Blanc event a guest will pay an average of $30 US to the local organization. When registering, an annual fee is charged directly to all guests that participate in your event which allows them the privilege of becoming a member of the Dîner en Blanc International network. They will automatically be re-invited to your event every year and soon, have access to priority registration for any event around the world. This fee is 8.00$ US per person for 2015 and goes to support the maintenance of Dîner en Blanc International’s network.

How many Dîner en Blanc events are there in the world?

There are close to 40 events scheduled, or in the process of being approved for 2014! Most take place in North America and Europe with a total of one hundred thousand members participating each year. The largest and most internationally recognized Dîner en Blanc, is the original event in Paris. Instigated over 25 years ago by François Pasquier and his close friends, it attracts almost 15,000 people yearly. The second largest event is based in Montreal, Canada with 5,200 guests.

I see that the majority of DEB events take place during the North American summer months, is this mandatory?

A Dîner en Blanc event can take place at any point during the year, depending on the climate of the host city. As this is a rain or shine event, hosts are asked to consider the season with the lowest levels of precipitation for their event.

Is Dîner en Blanc an illegal activity?

Le Dîner en Blanc - Paris is held in some of the most prestigious sites of the city, without authorization. The first editions were not easy to put in place. Today, the French authorities know the event, that it’s always well organized and that its guests are always respectful of the site. Moreover, the event’s photogenic quality adds to the city’s image of a modern and stylish city, open to the world. To ensure the safety of our International DEB guests, we require that the local hosts have the proper authorization, permits and insurances before proceeding with their event.
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